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Members are the heart of Lothlorien. For a while, members were called sponsors;  it was one of the changes in terminology we thought we needed for our new incarnation, but under the new by-laws we've changed it back. There' s no real practical difference, but we agreed that 'member' just sounds better. Families have members, not sponsors.  Members' contributions keep the Heart Tree alive and growing. The labors they give with hands and hearts as volunteers keeps Lothlorien going in ways both tangible and intangible and helps the dream flower blossom while the money and other gifts they give nourish the roots that keep Lothlorien going in the physical world.

In exchange for their support of Lothlorien, members become co-owners of Lothlorien and receive a membership card and Greenbook, the Lothlorien handbook and guidebook, and receive our mailings 2-3 times a year. They may camp between events (for a small utilities access fee) and visit Lothlorien any time for a personal ritual, a hike, a picnic, an afternoon of meditation or just to spend some time with the trees. Members receive a reduced rate for festivals and other Elvin HOME sponsored events, may attend Solstice Reunion, vote for the Vice President and speak in Grand Council.